What We Do

Two realities that business and investors cannot ignore are growth and change. Businesses can be more sustainable and tap into the vast opportunities that abound in Africa. Having the agility and creativity to improve business prospects through emerging avenues to wealth, though sometimes challenging, is crucial to the survival of the businesses and investors.

John Leonard and Partners recognise and appreciate the opportunities and challenges of the rapidly changing environments we face both in the developed and developing economies in Africa. We drive real impact and results for our clients by providing tailored advisory, due diligence and business facilitation services. We take the time to understand your specific needs and use local and global knowledge and networks to help you succeed in markets with sometimes challenging conventions but high rewards.

We leverage on our experience and extensive local networks to advise clients.

This way sign2X2We use our extensive local networks to help clients have better business insight for making practical business decisions when selecting areas of opportunity, partners and business structure.

Understanding the regulatory, cultural and political intricacies of the host country has a significant impact on the success of business ventures. John Leonard & Partners approaches investments from a dual perspective in a bid to eliminate the noise and reduce the level of misunderstanding that typifies foreign investments in developing economies and Africa in particular.

We seek to secure long term value for our clients and their investment destinations. We ensure that our clients understand the socio-economic peculiarities of their investment destinations and the investment strategies best suited to enhancing these without compromising their inherent economic benefits. We speak the expectations of investment destinations in a language our clients understand.

Our facilitation process will be tailored to your needs and help put you in touch of key decision makers.

management-200X150We understand the dynamics of the African business environment and our facilitation process will be aligned to meet your specific business needs. We appreciate how tricky it is for foreign businesses and investors to navigate safely into the African growth economies.

We take cognisance of the bigger picture of the individual company context and tailor our services to meet specific client needs. We also participate in the organisation of targeted networking events to help our clients gain direct access to prominent business people and government officials.

Further to this, we can help our clients manage their relationship with local stakeholders. This can be for specific business transactions. In this case, we communicate with the local partners directly on behalf of our clients. We ensure that our client's message is well understood and their interests well protected.

Similarly, we ensure our client understands the peculiarities confronting their local investment partner and how best to handle them without compromising the overarching business objectives of the relationship. We filter the noise that clouds good business communications.