How We Do It

We have a results-driven approach and we are able to focus on the big picture which enables us to meet our clients needs with clarity and confidence. We stand out from the crowd because we are capable of analysing how best to meet our clients requirements and developing strategies to deliver outcomes that really matter.

Through this approach, we are able to deliver the key objectives while working lean and efficiently mobilising resources to bring about further benefits to the clients. 

Our commitment to meeting our clients needs will be demonstrated by the following:


Tangible Results

business-2We will focus on achieving tangible and measurable results that your organisation can sustain.

We help you go a step further than just advising. We help you convert your ambitions into realistic and achievable goals by working with you all the way.

We help you identify gaps, focus areas and the potential hurdles that may stand in your way.  Your business is our business and we take our business seriously and want to succeed. We will leverage on our experience and extensive networks to help you succeed.



Frank and honest advise

Consultant11We provide an unbiased perspective based on our best knowledge and factual analysis of the situation.

We tell it as it is. We are honest and value our clients trust. We work hard to earn our clients trust and loyally serve their interests.

We help the clients have realistic expectations and understand the true situation of things to the best of our ability. Our success is contingent on our client's success.




 Lean and efficient

finance-1We will work as efficiently as possible to utilise the right team size and streamlined processes to meet the specific needs for your project.

We have respect for the time of our clients and stakeholders. We continually look for ways to prioritise and deliver with speed and efficiency. We assist our clients minimise the bureaucracy and red tape. 

We fully appreciate that each client's need is different. Our personalised approach is to have a tailored plan for each client using the right amount of resources and processes to minimise cost and risk.



Partnering with Clients

Shaking Hands 200X170We work alongside with you, ensuring that we provide the best support to our clients.

Our well established network of contacts, associates and strategic partners keep us conversant and well informed of the intricacies surrounding available investment opportunities in target economies.

It also ensures that we maintain key contacts with the main decision makers, movers and shakers of several African economies. This allows us to give our clients access to the right people, at the right place and at the right time. 

We also participate as minor equity holders in investment ventures by our clients. This creates an ongoing and permanent relationship with our clients where we manage the local relationships with specific investments for our clients.

Being partners with our clients enhances our capacity to better represent their interests and serve to protect their interest.


Capable Team

management-2We will provide an experienced team with adequate functional expertise required for your project.

John Leonard & Partners is staffed by professionals who have established sound professional pedigrees in both the African and Developed economies.

We have first-hand knowledge of success drivers in the developing and developed economy contexts.

More importantly, we understand the key differences in the approach to succeeding in both. This dual economic and social knowledge is used to best serve the interest of our clients.