About us

Helping new and existing investors to optimize the opportunities of doing business in the African Market


John Leonard & Partners is a business service consultancy based in Australia with offices in Perth and Brisbane, with partners located in key African countries. We help businesses and investors identify opportunities and we deliver quality and efficient advisory, business facilitation and networking services across high growth economies of Africa.

Our strategy involves the maintenance of a flexible and dynamic team of employees and free-agent associates, enabling us to  immediately engage appropriately skilled and expert resources. Our targeted and tailored approach enables us to meet the specific needs of our clients economically. Our model relies on the strengths in the combined networks, knowledge and experience of our international team.

Our strategic partners are typically very successful locally based investment companies and/or analysts who have an in-depth knowledge of the legal, socio-political, economic and social trends of their local economies. They are selected based on careful consideration of the antecedents, achievements and their alignment with the core values of John Leonard & Partners.






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Head office - Brisbane, Australia